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March 19, 2013

TEEN TOP goes vivid for ‘Cosmopolitan’

While in the midst of continuing their search for “Miss Right”, TEEN TOP has scored a spread in the April issue of ‘Cosmopolitan‘ magazine!

Rather than embracing the softer, pastel-toned trend for this season, the boys break away from the expected with bright, vivid colors, standing out from the crowd of the usual spring pictorials.

Capturing more and more hearts as they return with solid comebacks each time, the boys revealed their thoughts on being one of the main characters in this ‘idol generation’. Ricky shared, “Since this is a special experience that not many could experience, we are working hard and enjoying it.” Changjo also commented, “Among the many idol groups, the point that differentiates TEEN TOP is that we’re not a formal idol group but a free style team.”

They also mentioned their individual goals for this year as Ricky showed his excitement sharing, “Among our plans for this year, I want to successfully hold a solo concert and an Asia tour,” and C.A.P adding, “I want to try acting and play a memorable role, even though it may be a small one, in dramas and movies.”

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