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March 18, 2013

DSP & Cube speak up about Junhyung and Hara no longer following each other on Twitter

Recently, Hara and Junhyung had removed each other from their respective Following List on Twitter. The action caught the attention of many fans, who worried that this was an indicator that their relationship was in danger. 

However, both Cube Entertainment and DSP Media spoke up about the incident and confirmed that the pair were still dating.

Cube Entertainment said, “We knew that they had unfollowed each other, but we don’t know exactly why. But it appears they’re still dating and are on good terms.

DSP Media also confirmed, “We do not know the exact reason, but they probably have not broken up. It might have happened because of arguments that happen naturally in relationships.

DSP Media also stated that they did not ask Hara about the matter because it is her own personal business.

Credits: allkpop

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