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March 04, 2013

Actor Kwak Jung Wook poses with the INFINITE members

Remember when Hoya revealed actor Kwak Jung Wook was originally going to be a part of INFINITE?

Well, the revelation had all of us wondering what kind of picture you’d get if he was actually an INFINITE member, but wonder no more! The actor has been kind enough to provide us with the exact image by posing with the INFINITE members backstage after their fanmeeting.

He posed with Hoya and Woohyun in one photo, writing, “I prepared hard so I wouldn’t be a burden to INFINITE, but it’s true that I was lacking since it was my first MC stage. I did a lot of things randomly, but please look at them nicely and forgive me! Thank you, Inspirit, for cheering me on :)“.

He posted another photo with L, tweeting, “A proof that INFINITE’s L and I made up :) Myung Soo, you can come near the film set now… To be honest it’s really not that you can’t act“.

Tip: infispirit

Credits: allkpop

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