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June 13, 2013

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Once Bought 1 Million Won Worth of Teddy Bears

MBLAQ Lee Joon revealed that he sleeps better at night…surrounded by his teddy bears.

On June 10, Lee Joon and the other MBLAQ members appeared on Mnet’s The Beatles Code, where the MCs mentioned that Lee Joon was stingy.

Lee Joon defended himself, saying he’s gotten better at spending money, revealing that he’s spent around one million won (~886 USD) in a span of two days. When asked what he bought, Lee Joon replied, I bought a lot of teddy bears. I made a large purchase.”

On his teddy bear purchases, Lee Joon said, “I relieve stress by sleeping, but these days, I’m not satisfied with my sleep. One of my fans gave me a teddy bear as a present, and after I sleep with the teddy bear on my bed, I was able to really go into deep sleep.”

He also added that he talks to his teddy bears, asking if they slept well.

“It makes me feel better.”

Mir served as a witness, saying, “The first thing Lee Joon does when he gets home is greet all of his teddy bears.”

Guest Park Hye Kyung said she understood Lee Joon, as she talks to her flowers.

Photo Credit: Mnet
Credits: enews

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