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June 13, 2013

Block B Loses Case Against Stardom Entertainment

Block B lost its contract case against its agency Stardom Entertainment, but it showed it′s not planning on returning to the agency.

On June 7, law firm Shinwon, Block B′s legal representative, said through a press release, "We haven′t been convinced by many of the decisions the court made. We will confirm the lawful cancellation of the contract in the merit suit, then demand compensation from Stardom on its violations."

On the same day, the Seoul Central District Court had dismissed the suit Block B had brought against its agency. Its decision was made, according to the court, based on the lack of evidence on whether the agency had indeed failed to uphold its duties. It also added that it was hard to say the agency hadn′t paid the members their dues.

The release from Block B′s representative added, "[Block B] does not plan to rejoin Stardom for its future career, and so the group will prepare to go its own way. If the merit suit does not say the contract should be cancelled, the group is prepared to pay compensation."

On January 3, all the members of Block B had filed a suit for the cancellation of its contract with its agency Stardom. They claimed that the agency had not paid what the members were due for about a year.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan
Credits: enews

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