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June 13, 2013

Teen Top’s L.Joe Asks Someone (?) to Stop Stalking Him

Sometimes, enough is enough, and Teen Top’s L.Joe has put his foot down.

On June 9, L.Joe tweeted, “I wanted to watch the movie with a good mood~ but because you sat right next to the seat I purchased, I had to move my seat many times. Go home safely.”

He later added, “From the dorm to the movies… Honestly, it’s uncomfortable that you follow my personal life. Please refrain from it.”

While the context of the tweets seem like L.Joe is warning sasaeng fans, due to fellow member Chunji’s replies to the tweets, the situation became a bit hazy.

For each of L.Joe’s tweets, Chunji wrote, “I’m sorry. T” and “That’s right, that’s right,” making it a bit confusing to whether the stalker fan that L.Joe was referring to was actually Chunji or a real sasaeng fan.

Were the Teen Top members just merely playing around with each other? Or is L.Joe actually a victim of sasaeng fans crossing the line, like Niel was?

Photo Credit: L.Joe and Chun Ji’s Twitter
Credits: enews

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