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June 13, 2013

100% Receives Interview Love Calls from Europe

Carefully stepping outside of the borders of South Korea, the 100% members revealed that countries in Europe have been asking for them.

On June 11, T.O.P Media announced that various news platforms in Germany, Romania, and England have been flooding 100% with requests for interviews. .

German Kpop website, K-Pop Magazin, explained that it asked for an interview to learn more about 100% after fans in Germany began raving about the group’s masculine image and strong choreography.

“We’ve recently participated in interviews with news platforms from Germany and Romania respectively,” said T.O.P Media, explaining that 100% will show different sides to the group through these interviews.

Meanwhile, 100% is promoting its song, Want U Back, while hold fansignings in Seoul.

Photo Credit: T.O.P Media
Credits: enews

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