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April 09, 2013

Jonghyun thanks his fans for congratulating him on his birthday!

Jonghyun finally came back to Twitter!

Ever since his unfortunate car accident, the SHINee member has been missing in action from his trolling ways much to the dismay of his fans. 

However, as Jonghyun celebrates his birthday on April 8, his fans took the extra step and successfully trended the hashtag #종현아생일축하해 (#Jonghyun happy birthday) to the #1 spot. The trend remained within the top 5 for the next four hours, and Jonghyun logged into his account to thank his fans!

He wrote, “Everyone, thank you for congratulating me. People just live by being sad, being hurt, being tired, being angry, being happy, healing, enjoying life, and laughing.. Even if I’m hurting and tired, I heal and am happy because of all of you. Even if I’m sad and angry, I’m happy and laughing because of you. I’ll give back as much as I received. I know I’m always lacking, but… Thank you! He.

Happy birthday to Jonghyun!

Credits: allkpop

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