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April 12, 2013

Kikwang gifts his fans with a kiss

Kikwang gifted his fans with a kiss selca!

His fans gifted him with a coffee stall on the set for his KBS drama special ‘My Friend is Still Alive‘. 

He tweeted a photo of the coffee stall and, wrote, “Oh, my fans are the best~_~!!! kekeke. Thanks to you, I feel strong and I’ll do my best at filming. Thank you!!! ^_^~~~~“. He later added, “Both the food and coffee taste really good ^~~~~~!!“.

In response, Kikwang returned the favor with his own gift where he took a photo of himself puckering up for the camera. 

He wrote, “A present from me, too!! ^-^!!!!“.

Tip: lola

Credits: allkpop

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