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April 09, 2013

BTOB Holds First Fanmeeting in Taiwan to Great Interest

BTOB proved it was also big in Taiwan, holding its first fanmeeting in the country with 1,000 fans.

The group held its BTOB Press Play in Taiwan fanmeeting on April 6, and heated up the venue for two hours.

The popularity of the group could be felt ever since the group set foot in the airport. Fans even broke through guard lines in their eagerness to see the group′s members.

The fanmeet, of course, was as passionate. It started with Wow, then went on to showcase the group′s jaw-dropping skills across a wide variety of dance and ballad pieces.

Leader Eun Kwang said at the sight of the fans, "I will never forget this moment; I can′t even put into words how I feel right now. I′m thankful we could feel such passionate love at our first visit here."

The group went on to sing Secret and Irresistible Lips with its powerful dances, then sang in soft voices for such serenades as My Girl. The members also sang a special track, Jay Chou′s Rainbow, prepared especially for the Taiwan fanmeet.

Fans and officials were blown away at the fluent Chinese of member Hyun Sik, and he even showed off his guitar skills as he sang the theme song to the movie Secret.

Local media outlets reported on BTOB′s visit and called the group the next rising star of K-Pop, and BTOB definitely delivered what they were expecting by approaching its fans with a friendly manner through various games and events.

BTOB will continue promoting in Korea with the release of its single Second Confession on April 10.

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment
Credits: enews

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