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April 12, 2013

INFINITE’s L says there are things he can’t do because of his image

INFINITE‘s L revealed that there are things he can’t do in public due to his charismatic image.

On the April 9th broadcast of SBS Power FM‘s ‘Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Tonight‘, Jung Sun Hee commented, “If you stand still you look like L, but when you laugh, you look more comfortable, and it seems like you’re returning to being Myung Soo [L's real name].”

INFINITE shared, “Yes, it’s true. That is why our manager hyung told L not to laugh [to protect his image]. L has to turn his back to laugh. He can’t even change his jacket or shoes without permission.” 

When asked how he deals with the stress of his lifestyle, L said, “I really like watching my members laugh.”

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