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April 09, 2013

Comedian Kim Ki Yul Complains about April Fool’s Prank by Infinite Sung Yeol Fans

Although April Fool’s was a week ago, comedian Kim Ki Yul has been waiting all week to let something off his chest.

On April 7, Kim Ki Yul stood on the KBS Gag Concert stage for his skit, where he complained about something Infinite fans have done to him.

Nicknamed as the ‘unpopular one,’ Kim Ki Yul began his rant with how fans contacted him to tell him about a new fancafe for him. Excited, he quickly accessed the fanpage’s front page, which was titled, ‘Yul Days,’ and was impressed with how detailed and pretty it was.

“But when I actually went into the site, the real owner of the fancafe turned out to be Infinte’s Sung Yeol! Sung Yeol fans changed the front page for April Fool’s Day!” yelled Kim Ki Yul. “Isn’t the joke a little too much? Just because Sung Yeol and I both share the ‘yeol/yul’ in our names, was I easy to prank? Why me?”

But the worst was not over.

“And then Sung Yeol wrote on his Twitter, ‘Who knew everything on site’s main page would completely change. I thought it was a virus’ – Am I a virus??” yelled Kim Ki Yul, making the audience roar in laughter.

When Kim Ki Yul started asking if Sung Yeol was more popular that he was, he quickly said, “He is really popular. I actually even bought Infinite’s CD.”

He ended the skit with saying he really does have a real fanpage, although no one has written in it in the past six months.

Following the broadcast, Sung Yeol tweeted, “Inspirit, Ki Yul hyung, I love you!! I was so surprised while watching Gag Concert…. Kekeke. I Love you!! Hyungnim, you are number one most searched!”

Kim Ki Yul replied, “All thanks to you.”

Photo Credit: KBS, Woollim Entertainment, Kim Ki Yul and Sung Yeol′s Twitters
Credits: enews

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