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April 09, 2013

INFINITE explain their manager incident in Taiwan on ‘Beatles Code 2′

INFINITE spoke up to defend their manager.

The boys were guests on the April 8 episode of ‘Beatles Code 2‘ and talked about a variety of the topics. During one of the conversations, the topic of their 8 month hiatus from group promotions was brought up and Sungyeol revealed that he was the only one without a single activity for the 8 months. 

He said, “I had absolutely nothing on my schedule for 8 months by myself. I was so stressed that my hair was balding.

The subject then shifted to when INFINITE visited Taiwan and issues that arose with their manager as being arrogant. Their manager had covered Sungyeol’s face to keep the local press from taking photos of his face. The Taiwanese media had then reported their manager as being arrogant. The situation had apparently occurred because of the stress Sungyeol was under.

Sunggyu explained the situation and said, “One day, INFINITE went to Taiwan, and the reporters took photos of us at the airport. Everyone had no makeup on, so we were flustered, and only Sungyeol got mad at the manager, saying, ‘You can’t allow them take pictures because I have no makeup on right now’. The manager was flustered himself, and so he covered Sungyeol’s face with his passport. But later, we found out that in Taiwan, you’re supposed to have the media cover you at the airport. In the end, the Taiwanese news ran a story on our manager, saying, ‘INFINITE’s manager was arrogant’.

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Credits: allkpop

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