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May 29, 2013

The 5 princes of A-PRINCE show off their individual charms at Singapore press conference

17 May 2013 – The up-and-coming princes of South Korea – A-PRINCE arrived in Singapore last week to hold their first ever showcase here. Even before the press conference took place, A-PRINCE has already visited the Merlion Park earlier on in the morning, to which they found it beautiful and took many photos there as well.
A-PRINCE did their self-introduction – Smile Prince Seungjun, Pure Prince Woobin, Prince of Prince Sungwon, Sexy Prince Minhyuk, Cutie Prince Siyoon, accompanied with them showing off charms reflecting their persona. However when leader Sungwon was supposed to show his charming eyes, he burst out laughing instead, and covered his face shyly.
Speaking about A in their group name, the members were asked about their school grades. It turns out that the members are all-rounded, such as Siyoon receiving A for art and Sungwon receiving A for music. Seungjun was called the elite of the group because he has scored As in quite a number of subjects!
When asked about who would the A-PRINCE members like to collaborate with, each of them have different answers. Seungjun wishes to collaborate with Naul, Woobin with PSY (and he started dancing Gangnam Style!), Sungwon with Jaejoong, Minhyuk with Beenzino and Siyoon with Se7en. (Stay tuned to our coverage of their group interview to find out why they chose these artistes!)
Singapore A-LAND are really lucky, as A-PRINCE revealed they are going to perform 3 new songs here in Singapore including their promotional track Mambo (tentatively titled), at their showcase! Speaking of Mambo, the boys expressed that it has been challenging yet refreshing to produce the new track. Look forward to A-PRINCE’s comeback in Korea where they will perform these songs soon!
KAvenyou would like to thank JNation for the invitation to cover A-PRINCE Live in Singapore 2013.

Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Yanglin @ KAvenyou

Credits: K-Avenue

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