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May 29, 2013

Hong Gi of FT Island makes his screen debut, saying, “I couldn’t sleep well on the day before the preview”

“I couldn’t sleep well last night!” said Lee Hong Gi of FTIsland, having just made his screen debut. He said his excitement after the preview held at Lotte Cinema on May 21 accounted for his sleeplessness.

Lee says: “Because it’s my first movie, I feel more nervous than when announcing a new album. I was too nervous to sleep well. I asked senior actors about this and they responded that the more previews of your movies you attend, the more nervous you feel. While watching the preview, I felt I’m lacking at acting, but that lack was made up for with the help of the great work of the director and the crew.”

Lee played an “idol” singer in the movie. He says, “When I saw the screenplay for the first time, I thought I couldn’t do it because I had no experience of the knid of hospice where the story takes place, but after reading the screenplay through, I made up my mind to try because I felt like this movie would be important to the rest of my life.”

The movie Good Bye Party is kind of a human drama. The story is about young singer who is sentenced to do community service at a hospice and is deeply disturbed by  spending time with terminally ill patients. The movie is to be released on May 30.

Source: Starnews

Credits: K-Avenue

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