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May 29, 2013

A-PRINCE talks about fanfics, ghosts & One Direction at Singapore interview

KAvenyou got a chance to interview A-PRINCE after their official press conference for their first ever showcase in Singapore, where we learnt more about their phobias and their fanfiction reading habits. (Yes, A-PRINCE do read fanfiction!)
Q: During the press conference, you all mentioned about local (Korean) artistes that you all wish to collaborate with. What about international artistes?
Sungwon: In regards to collaborating with international artistes, we would like to collaborate with One Direction if we have the opportunity.
KAvenyou: You guys mentioned on A-PRINCE TV that you all saw a ghost in your old studio. Are you all afraid of ghosts?
Sungwon: Yes, Woobin is the most afraid of ghosts!
KAvenyou: Besides ghosts, what else are you guys afraid of?
Woobin: Oh, pigeons, pigeons! (He exclaimed it twice in Korean and twice in English!)
Q: It has been a year since your debut, so what have you learnt over this one year and what is your greatest accomplishment this year?
Sungwon: We have received a lot of helpful advice from seniors and we have taken them along in our stride, helping to motivate us to become better singers. Our greatest accomplishment so far is our debut, and we hope to achieve more exposure and love from international fans.
Q: Until now, what is the most memorable gift that you have received from fans?
Siyoon: A portrait of myself.
Seungjun: A very, very big letter!
Sungwon: I received a portrait from a fan in Russia, and I’ve also received a collage of my own pictures.
Q: If you were casted in a movie, what kind of character would you all want to play?
Seungjun: I want to have an action role.
Woobin: I want to be a student who does well in studies.
Sungwon: I want to be a rich person’s son – good-looking and popular!
Minhyuk: I want a role of someone who is poor, but very strong and determined in the face of adverse situations.
Siyoon: I also want to be rich man’s son who is pampered.
KAvenyou: In an episode of A-PRINCE TV, you guys also mentioned about reading fanfiction. So, do you all read it together or alone by yourself?
Siyoon: Usually one of us (the members) will be browsing through the fanfics, and we will call the others (“Oh hyung!”) to come and read.
Q: Recently Sungwon starred in a musical “Summer Snow”, so how was the experience like and would you like to do another musical again?
Sungwon: I find it very refreshing and challenging as well, because I’m starting from a singer. Although it was tiring, I really enjoyed it. Although I’m promoting singing with A-PRINCE currently, if the opportunity arises, I will be more than happy to take part in another musical.
Q: What kind of role and story will you be interested to act in next time?
Sungwon: The murderer in Jack The Ripper!
Q: What are the reasons for choosing the artistes that you all wanted to collaborate with (as mentioned earlier during the press conference)?
Siyoon: I admire Se7en’s all-roundedness, because he can sing and dance as well, so I would like to collaborate with him.
Minhyuk: I chose Beenzino, because he is a rapper that I admire a lot.
Sungwon: I wish to collaborate with Jaejoong. He has just released his album recently and I really like the flavour of the album, so I would really like to have a collaboration with him.
Woobin: I wish to have a collaboration with PSY because he is talented and I admire PSY’s energy.
Seungjun: I wish to collaborate with Naul and I hope to have a song that’s more touching.
Q: What about One Direction (in regards to international collaboration)?
Sungwon: I feel that One Direction has a very similar colour and so we would like to work on stage together.
KAvenyou would like to thank JNation for the invitation to cover A-PRINCE Live in Singapore 2013.
Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Yanglin @ KAvenyou

Credits: K-Avenue

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