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May 29, 2013

Lunafly explains Teo’s haircut and their brotherhood with LC9 at Singapore interview

Can’t get enough of Lunafly? KAvenyou is back to bring you more goss and happenings from the trio’s debut showcase in Singapore! We had the opportunity to interview the members following their first official press conference, where we discussed Teo’s recent image change, and their close brotherhood with new and upcoming boy band LC9! Check out the following interview transcript from the short interview session:
Q: We’re from KAvenyou, and we were actually the official media for your Malaysian showcase, so it’s good to see everyone again!
Lunafly: (All) Hi!
Q: The last time we saw Teo, he had long hair. What happened?
Teo: Why did I cut my hair? I lost my hair. (Laughs) I wanted to show a new look.
Sam: We’re kind of always looking to show different sides to us, so Teo decided to cut his hair.
Q: So do any of you have plans for future image changes?
Teo: We have really a lot (of plans to do so). We’ll show it to you next time!
Q: Your company just produced a new boy band LC9.
Lunafly: (Immediately) Ah!
Q: I think a lot of fans are curious as to whether you guys are close to them, and whether you feel some sort of friendly competition going on between the two boy bands of the group.
Sam: We’re very good friends. These guys, LC9, they’ve been training for three years. I’ve been in (the company) for two years, and for me they’re all like little brothers. I think one if them is like 16? They’re all like brothers to me, and we live together, and we see each other all the time. Friendly competition…
Teo: Rather than viewing them as rivals, I hope we do well together.
Sam: Yeah, I think because our styles are so different. They’re singing and dancing idols, so it’s hard to say that we are rivals. We’re going on the same journey, and we (Lunafly) just happened to come out a little bit earlier than them.
Q: So did you give them any tips?
Teo: Rather than tips, we just shared our experiences with them. We also trained and prepared together. Since we are close, we (Lunafly) support them a lot.
Yun: We started out first, so even though my training period was shorter than the LC9 friends, since we appeared on television broadcasts first, we gave them some advice about that.
Sam: The LC9 guys have been practicing longer, they’ve been training for a long time. Yun and Teo are very close with them as well, so we just tell them about our experiences, which could be (regarded as) advice.

Article by: Rachel @ KAvenyou Photography by: Xuanlin @ KAvenyou

Credits: K-Avenue

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