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May 29, 2013

Lee Hong Gi of FT Island says, “I want to delete those videos on the Internet of me singing off pitch”

Lee Hong Gi appeared on MBC’s Gold Fishery Radio Star on May 22 and related his regrets about an incident from his past: “I want to delete all video clips of my performance at the 2008 Music Awards that are on the Internet, I was singing off pitch.”

His excuse was “I had performed in a concert for three consecutive days before the awards, and I was so sick that day that my bed sheets were soaked with my sweat, which drove my managers crazy. I listened to the sound track for the awards ceremony because the concert left me no time. My agency insisted that I prerecord my voice, but this was rejected by an official of the broadcasting company, so I had no choice but to perform live.”

Yoon Jong Shin said the incident threw audience into utter confusion. Hong responded, saying, “I got off rhythm and was losing my voice. It was a very hard time. Super Junior members sent text messages to cheer me up. Especially, Gang In said, ‘You were the best on stage.’ That was really helpful to me.”

Source: TV Report

Credits: K-Avenue

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