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May 27, 2013

B2ST′s Yong Jun Hyung Studies His Script Again and Again for ′Monstar′

Yong Jun Hyung has been showcasing some surprising acting on Mnet′s Monstar, and these cuts show his skills don′t just spring up out of nowhere.

In photos released by the producers of Monstar on May 24, Yong Jun Hyung is shown poring over his script no matter where he is. He even gets together with his co-stars to practice with them in some photos.

Yong Jun Hyung appears as Seol Chan, a mischievous top star, in the drama. With just one episode, the singer managed to quell all doubts some viewers had on the birth of another idol actor.

Producer Yoon Hyun Ki said, "Yong Jun Hyung is overcoming the pressure coming from his first lead acting role with practice. Ever since he was cast for the role, he′s been practicing his acting and instrument skills to fit in his role. Even when shoots end late into the night, he stays up for hours more to read over his script."

The next episode of the drama will air on May 24.

Photo credit: tvN
Credits: enews

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