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May 29, 2013

A-PRINCE chooses their “chio girl” & dances to PSY at Singapore showcase

18 May 2013 – The first ever A-PRINCE Showcase Live in Singapore was held in DBS Arts Centre on the afternoon of 18th May 2013. The showcase begun with You’re The Only One, which was written by MBLAQ’s G.O! The cute boys of A-PRINCE greeted their A-LAND present cheerfully with “Hello lah!”, and did their self-introduction in English!
A-PRINCE continued on with their showcase with their song Oh Girl, before proceeding on to cover TVXQ’s Hug and Mirotic, showing off their sleek dance moves. The host of the day, Ah Ken taught A-PRINCE Singlish phrases such as “chio” and “swee lah!”, which both means pretty. This introduced the next segment of A-PRINCE’s showcase, where the boys themselves gave criteria of their “chio girl”, to be chosen from amongst the audience. The lucky female fans who fit exactly into the criteria that A-PRINCE gave got to go up on stage and fulfill any requests with A-PRINCE, in which they requested individual hugs from the members and group photos with the boys.
It was leader Sungwon’s turn to shine on the stage as he showed off his vocal skills during his solo stage performance of a ballad song, M.C The Max’s 가슴아 그만해 (Stop, My Heart). After Sungwon’s soulful solo stage, the rest of the members joined him on stage to perform One Direction’s What Makes Your Beautiful. Sungwon displayed some of his English skills by greeting fans with “Hello, how are you? I’m fine, thank you!” before continuing on to another One Direction’s song, One Thing. The A-PRINCE boys showed off their cheeky side as they hit their butts against one another while dancing to the songs and even jumped off the stage to greet their fans.
Sungwon and Seungjun remained on stage to answer questions from the host as the other members went backstage to prepare for their next item. They revealed little known facts about themselves and the other members as well, such as their shoe sizes, which member loves taking pictures of flowers (it is Sungwon!) and which member likes collecting caps (Woobin). Under the request and guidance from the fans, the two boys did kwiyomi, making fans scream with each different action they performed.
The other 3 members, Minhyuk, Siyoon and Woobin re-appeared on stage dressed in blinged-out hoodies to perform Puff Daddy’s I’ll Be Missing You. Next up, A-PRINCE performed 3 of their new songs (2 of them titled My Lady and Mambo tentatively) which will be debuting in Korea soon – but lucky A-LAND in Singapore got the opportunity to watch them perform their new songs first! Their dance moves for the new songs showed off even more of A-PRINCE’s cute and boyish charms, as evident from the fans’ excited screams.
International fans’ dedication for the A-PRINCE boys can be seen, as a video created by their international fanbase, Unity of A-PRINCE was shown on screen where A-PRINCE watched together with their fans. Video cuts of fans wishing Woobin happy birthday were shown, followed by the A-PRINCE members’ video messages to Woobin, as well as Seungjun too. Birthday cakes were then brought up onto the stage, where the selected lucky fans celebrated this special moment with the boys on stage. Last but not least, A-PRINCE performed their hit song, Hello, much to the delight of the fans.
Any concerts or showcases of course does not end just like that, as A-PRINCE returned to stage after chants of encore from the audience, to perform PSY’s Gangnam Style and Gentleman! The unexpected performances garnered wild cheers from the fans, and this also successfully marked the end of A-PRINCE’s first ever showcase in Singapore. VIP ticket holders were entitled to an individual photo-taking session with A-PRINCE and all ticket holders were also entitled to A-PRINCE’s fansign session right after the showcase, where they got to interact with their favourite boys upclose.

Article by: Zhen Zhen @ KAvenyou
Photography by: Xuanlin @ KAvenyou

Credits: K-Avenue

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