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May 02, 2013

INFINITE determine hyung & dongseng through popularity, not age

INFINITE revealed their own unique way of determining hyung and dongseng within the group.

On the May 1st episode of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, INFINITE revealed, “We decided on who is the hyung and dongseng through popularity. But at the moment we’re friends.

Sunggyu added, “When Hoya was getting really popular with ‘Reply 1997‘, he did a CF by himself for a phone company. We made him the title of hyung immediately and after that he got really arrogant. He thought he was a big star, so we had to get rid of that. Now he’s not a hyung anymore.

Hoya admitted, “Sunggyu hyung yelled at me because I got arrogant. So we decided everyone should be friends.

To this, the MCs teased him by saying, “Didn’t your solo album not do well?“. Sunggyu was flustered but explained, “It’s because it was edited like that on broadcast. Don’t edit this out! My solo album was a classic. You can’t say it failed. I sold 70,000-80,000 albums all by myself, and not many solo artists can accomplish that.

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Credits: allkpop

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