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May 02, 2013

B2ST’s Yoseob becomes an MMA fighter in Japan?

B2ST‘s tender vocalist Yoseob seems to have an unexpected interest in the MMA.

He posted a photo of himself wearing MMA gloves, writing, “These are MMA gloves that the Japanese label bought for me because Yoseob worked hard! Keke. Hehe. I also got boxing gloves too! I feel good! When you get presents, you feel good, right? When I record music, I think of it as giving you all a present. No matter what kind of song it is; even if it’s an OST song, a featured song, my album, or a promotion for someone else. I prepare my present happily so Beauties can listen. Everyone, please accept the present with joy! Hehe. In the end, Korea is the best ㅜㅜ .”

Yoseob recently revealed, “I’m into boxing lately. I did it for about 2 months, and it’s really fun. If it’s possible, I want to debut as an athlete.

Do you think Yoseob would make a good boxer?

Credits: allkpop

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