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April 30, 2013

Infinite’s Sung Kyu Selected as Member with Worst Butt

Which Infinite member boasts the best badonkadonk?

What we’ve all been dying to know will finally be revealed on the May 1 episode of MBC Everyone’s Weekly Idol, where the Infinite members will be ranked according to their, er, assets.

Dong Woo, whom the others said “touches the members’ butts often” will be the judge and even feel around for the best butt on the show.

When MC Jung Hyung Don asked Dong Woo to choose the member with the worst butt, the title went to none other than leader Sung Kyu, whose behind Dong Woo described as “bony and unusual” and reasoned that it hurts when Sung Kyu sits on his lap.

As for the best butt, we’ll have to wait until the episode airs on May 1 to find out. 

Credits: enews

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