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April 29, 2013

L’s ‘BRAVO VIEWTIFUL’ ranks #1 in preorders

L‘s photo essay book ‘Bravo Viewtiful‘ is ranked #1 in bookstore preorders!
The preorders began online on April 25, and it immediately ranked #1 on online bookstores such as Kyobo and Yes24. The photo essay book features photos taken by L during a 93-day journey. He didn’t focus on his life as an idol star, but rather the feelings and lifestyle of a man in his twenties.

As many fans know, L loves taking photos so much that the first thing he did after earning his first check was to buy a camera. L said, “There’s no photo or letter in the photo essay that isn’t from me.

The INFINITE members themselves had showed support for L’s photo essay book. 

‘BRAVO VIEWTIFUL’ will be released on May 15!

Credits: allkpop

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