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March 15, 2013

U-KISS’ Soohyun enrolls at Paichai University

U-KISSSoohyun will be attending Paichai University!

He visited the school on March 12 and spent time eating and talking with professors and the school President. The professors gave him a tour of the campus, and they talked about how his college life would be. Soohyun was his usual charming and witty self even with the professors, and they liked him immediately and couldn’t stop laughing throughout their conversation. They also noted that Soohyun greeted everyone he met politely.

Soohyun also received a scholarship to the university. Photos of the leader of U-KISS visiting the college were uploaded onto the school’s blog and Twitter, where they shared, “Soohyun the leader of U-KISS, who was awarded the Hallyu Special Achievement Award from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism last year, has enrolled at our Paichai University. On March 12, Tuesday, he visited the school and spent a great time with the President and the professors. He looks even cooler up close in person. :D During the day, we introduced the school and talked about his future college life. We’re looking forward to him being a student at Paichai University! Because Soohyun was so bright and cheerful, the President and the professors couldn’t stop smiling. We can’t help but remember how Soohyun was so polite that he greeted everyone that he saw. We’re looking forward to Soohyun because he works passionately at whatever he does. It was nice meeting you!!

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