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March 15, 2013

SHINee celebrate their 3rd straight victory on ‘Show Champion’

SHINee snagged their third straight ‘Show Champion‘ win with “Dream Girl“!
To celebrate, Key posted a photo of all five members onto his new Instagram account with the caption, “YEAH!!!!!“. All five members are making crazy faces at the camera, starting from Onew‘s unsatisfied face on the left all the way to Key burying his face in the huge trophy.

The members took a more normal photo for the show’s Twitter account, tweeting, “Which song was the ‘Champion Song’ for March 13th’s ‘Show Champion’? It was the shining SHInee~ SHINee won the Champion Song trophy for 3 weeks in a row~ Did you like the no-cut encore stage? How many push ups can Minho do? Congratulations again on your 1st place!“.

Credits: allkpop

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