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March 15, 2013

MYNAME updates fans on their upcoming Japanese activities through live stream ‘MYNAME is MYNAME’

MYNAME held a live chat with fans through USTREAM entitled ‘MYNAME is MYNAME‘ on the 11th and updated fans on their future activities.

MYNAME successfully concluded their first solo concert ‘The Beginning and shared how it felt to meet with their Korean fans stating, “It was really nice to spend such a long time with our fans up close. We are really thankful to the fans who came out to support us… We were also impressed by how the fans sent rice wreaths instead of flower wreaths. It was meaningful because we were able to join in on a good deed by donating the rice wreaths… Because the concert was a bit different from what we thought, we feel somewhat regretful that we couldn’t properly show everything we practiced for… Because it was our first concert, there were things we were lacking so we will show an even better image next time.”

The group also got Japanese fans hyped up, as they saddened their domestic fans, when they hinted at their upcoming schedules. “After our fan meetings in Daejun and Seoul are finished, we will complete our domestic promotions. We plan to focus on our Japanese concert and activities and we were also cast for a movie and will begin filming. We will not be able to meet you often like we do when we’re in Korea, so will consistently update you all through our fan cafe and social media.”

Hopefully the boys will return quicker to Korea than they did last time after they conclude promotions in Japan!

Credits: allkpop

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