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May 13, 2013

TEEN TOP to add an extra date to their Japanese tour

Good news to Japanese Angels, because TEEN TOP will be adding an additional date to their Japanese tour.

Because of the sheer demand for TEEN TOP’s tickets in Japan, their label TOP Media decided to add another date in Yokohama. The boys sold out their concert in both Tokyo and Kobe, and they’ll be holding the ‘Let’s Go! Summer Vacation! TEEN TOP SUMMER SPECIAL CONCERT‘ for fans in Yokohama.

TOP Media announced,
Hello. This is TOP Media.
TEEN TOP will hold an additional concert in Japan.

As concert tickets in Tokyo and Kobe were sold out, TEEN TOP will hold an additional concert under the title on July 14and 15, at Pasipiko Yokohama National University Hall.
Please give us your interest and support.
Thank you.
It looks like TEEN TOP is starting their takeover of Asia!

Credits: allkpop

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